Receive Adequate Compensation after Motorcycle Accidents through Injury Lawyer in Niagara Falls

The motorcycle accidents are responsible for the death or severe injuries of teenagers or adults of Aurora. It is mandatory for licensed motorcycle drivers to carry insurance policy due to this reason. The no-fault insurance system of Aurora offers Mandatory Accident Benefits to every victim. You are entitled to receive these benefits irrespective of any fault. You are also entitled to receive compensation from defendant’s insurance company through ‘Tort Claims’. The immediate family members of deceased victims are entitled to receive benefits through Family Act Law. It is impossible for a layperson to be aware of the guidelines related to ‘Tort Claims’. You may receive inadequate compensation due to improper knowledge. An expert injury lawyer in Niagara Falls can save you from experiencing this financial loss.

Non-Pecuniary Damages

The motorcyclists do not enjoy the benefits of seat belts or do not have the protection of car’s doors. You or family member may receive severe injuries in a motorcycle accident due to this reason. You may lose your cognitive functions, vision, memory or capability of making comprehensible speeches due to traumatic brain injuries. You may experience mood disorders due to brain injuries.

You may become paraplegic or quadriplegic due to injuries to your spinal cord. The nerve injuries may result in sensory deficits. You may also experience panic attacks after an accident stemming from psychological trauma. These injuries will significantly impact the quality of your life. Your family members will also suffer due to these injuries. An expert personal injury lawyer in Niagara Falls will help you receive adequate compensation for these invaluable losses.

Pecuniary Damages

The injured motorcyclists are also entitled to receive compensations for their expenses or financial losses. These expenses or losses need to be stemming from the accident. You will receive compensation for the loss of your past or future income, bonuses and incentives. You will receive reimbursement for medical and rehabilitation expenses. Your personal injury lawyer in Niagara Falls will also seek compensation for housekeeping and out-of-pocket expenses. You may witness financial losses due to the loss of competitive advantage in marketplace. The defendant’s insurance company will also recompense for this loss.

Family Members’ Compensation

Your immediate family members will receive compensation from defendant in the event of your death. Your family members will receive funeral expenses according to Ontario’s Family Act Law. They will also receive compensation for travelling expenses made during your treatment and for attendants’ fees. An experienced injury lawyer in Niagara Falls will also obtain compensation for the loss of guidance, companionship and care in the event of your death.

Punitive Damages

An expert personal injury lawyer in Niagara Falls can obtain punitive damages in the absence of contributory negligence. You are legally prohibited from riding any motorcycle without a helmet. You are also supposed to ride the motorcycle under 70 km/hour of speed limit and need to follow other traffic rules. You will receive no punitive damage if you violate these rules.