Negligence in Rear End Collision

Personal injury lawyers in Owen Sound get so many calls from people who have become victims in car collision accidents. This is one of the commonest accidents types among all other types of cases, assessing the fault of party in clear-cut. At present scenario, when driver strike your car from behind then your compensation claim becomes compelling because the person driving the car is at fault. According to personal injury lawyer’s negligence, the determination in all such collisions is not difficult. There are a number of examples of these types of cases in civil court.


When one car is struck by another car from behind, the car at the rear side is the faulty party. It is the responsibility of the car driver at the rear side to satisfy a court that their negligence did not cause the collision. In case of when the emergency stop is required then you should stop the car in this way every car should have adequate space so that they can stop their vehicle safely. Here emergency means both the vehicles, running behind and in front, are to be driven in such a way that can be stopped safely, whatever the circumstances may be. According to an injury lawyer in Windsor, the person at fault is defined by the rule of determination in the insurance act.



When in case of two vehicle travel in same direction, vehicle in the front side says the vehicle A and the vehicle in the rear side, vehicle B. In case of vehicle B strikes the vehicle A from behind/rear side, the former vehicle B has to assume 100% liability and fault in the road accident in any situation. Whether the situations are, when driver A stop moving, turning right or left, immediately turn right or left.

The personal injury lawyers in Kanata makes you understand all the situations, related to car rear-end collisions. There are some cases in which multiple vehicles are involved in car collisions. In these types of collisions, more than 3-4 vehicles collide with each other. Such types of collisions are defined by insurance act. In case of three cars involved in the collision when cars are in motion then the middle car has 50% fault in the collisions. In such type of collision first, you have to know about that first car does not have any fault in collisions. However, the collision is between the rear side vehicle and middle vehicle. The middle vehicle also does not have any fault only rear vehicle have 100% fault. In Case of first two vehicles stop at a signal and only the rear side car end with the collision, none of the first two cars has the faulty. Here again, the rear side car has 100% fault according to personal injury lawyer in Owen Sound.