Claim Compensation for Accidents involving Police Cars with Personal Injury Lawyer

The personal injury lawyer helps people in all types of car accident situations, even those that involve a police vehicle. In the at-fault situation, those responsible for the crash have the liability to pay for the damages caused. Victims may file a claim against the guilty driver and the related insurer. However, when a guilty driver is a police person it is natural to wonder about the subsequent steps. The victims worry whether filing a claim is still possible and against whom. Such claims no doubt have complications because the police officers are immune from the injury claims.

As the personal injury lawyer says in such cases the statute of limitation for filing claims is lower than in accident situations involving ordinary people. The tort law clarifies the rules to file a claim against police officers and other government entities. The general rule clarifies that filing a claim against an officer is possible when you could pin liability in a private situation. The tort laws point out the various situations when holding the government entity liable is not possible. This is an exception in conditions involving gross negligence or intentional actions. 

The personal injury lawyer says that one example of this is a collision caused by the reckless and aggressive behavior of the victim, or driving on the wrong way. Here, the victim has partial blame for the accident but there may be gross negligence from the officer too. In the latter situation, there are grounds for making a claim. Then there are situations when the entire fault of the crash lies with the police officer. Your lawyer helps you to prepare the ground for a compensation claim. Gross negligence is a broad term leaving enough scope for interpretation according to the personal injury lawyer

In general, this signifies carelessness in the extreme form of driving drunk. It is up to you to prove that the police officer traveled at unsafe speeds and this was not part of a criminal chase. Also, prove that the officer was not in a hurry to get to the scene of the crime at the time. Just show that it was a case of gross negligence. Both the application and the interpretation of the laws related to car accidents are difficult especially for someone with zero experience in the matter. The insurers need the claimants to file a claim within the deadline set by the statute of limitations. When you are claiming for damages, police officer know that the situation is different as the personal injury lawyer says. Here your claim is against a government entity. It is important to provide a claim notice to the responsible party and include the description of the event, the injuries sustained, and the amounts sought. Make sure to give the necessary events.