Are You Liable If Someone Gets Drunk At Your Party And Causes Accident?

It is normal to see people organizing parties and inviting their near and dear ones to have some great time together over food and drinks. However, all hell can break lose if one of your guests gets drunk at your party and causes an accident on their way back. There have been several incidents in the past where the hosts of such parties have been booked for the same and have ended up paying hefty compensation to the victims. If you also organized a similar party and have been served a notice in a similar issue, you must start by reaching out to an injury lawyer in Collingwood to understand how to proceed in the claim.

While it is not followed in most of the states, some states still follow social host liability law which involves a host for serving alcohol to their guests. According to social host liability, a host who serves alcohol to their guests would be implicated in a legal trouble if the guests get inebriated and causes an accident. If you check with an injury lawyer in North Bay, you would get to know that these cases can be extremely complicated and can linger on for quite some time if not handled properly. This is why it is suggested that as soon as you are served a notice by the victim’s lawyer, you must consult with your lawyer and start working on the strategy to get through the claim without much of a legal trouble.

An experienced injury lawyer in Sarnia would be able to inform you that in most cases, the host would be implicated in a legal issue in case they are serving alcohol to someone that is below the legal age of 21 years or they are aware that the guest is inebriated and still they are serving alcohol to them. However, in the states that follow social host liability laws, the hosts will also get implicated if they serve alcohol and their guest later on causes an accident due to the influence of alcohol.

Another aspect that needs to be understood is that the states where social host liability is followed, the hosts can quickly get into trouble and should not take any charges simply. Rather they should quickly start looking for ways that can help them resolve the issue.

However, simply because a particular state follows social host liability does not mean that the guest who got inebriated in the get together can sue the host for serving the alcohol. In case you reach out to injury lawyer North Bay to file a case against a host who served you alcohol at a get together, the chances are high that the lawyer would discourage you from filing such a suit since it would most likely be quashed.